To Bee Queen

Lady Cocktail



Outdoor performance
All publics and ages

Duration: 45 minutes
Ground: flat and horizontal
Minimum ground space (anchoring rectangle): 11 x 13 m
Installation height: 8,5 m
Anchoring: 4 ground anchoring points (1T)
Mounting: 1,5 h
Installation: 45 min
Dismantling: 1,5 h
Capacity: < 500 (autonomous in sound)

A political Circus fable

“Welcome to the hive; to your home, my home, the home of us all! So, just like that, dear bees, you are on strike? Ah … So be it. Her majesty summons you for a crisis meeting… May the revolt end and production resume! On the agenda: Acrobatic debate and liberating Trapeze.”


Lady Cocktail is a circus company founded in 2011 by Anna Blin, Violaine Bishop and Lola Ruiz, three swinging trapeze artists who all attended the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels (ESAC). Their first opus “Les Filles du 2ème” premiered in March 2012 in Brussels. The company then embarked on an adventure that took them to several countries of the world. (Belgium, France, Italy, Slovakia, Zimbabwe, Romania, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland… )

In 2018 the company creates “Pub Show Urbain”, together with the French street theater company Du Grenier au jardin.
It’s now the turn for “To Bee Queen”, solo by Lola Ruiz, which will see the light in spring 2021.


By and with: Lola Ruiz
Director: Christine Rossignol-Dallaire
Writing assistance – Scolarship « Écriture en Campagne »: Sara Amari – Cie Thank You For Coming
Structure design and technique: Mathieu Moerenhout
Sound technician: Valentin Bouc
Costume design and making: Aline Breucker
Design of the honeycomb net: Filléas de Block – Atelier du trapèze France
Graphic design of visuals: Simon Ruiz

Production: Asbl Tant qu’ça swing !
Co-production: Latitude 50° (Be), Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon (Be), Ville de Bruxelles via appel à projet Kangouroe-bxl (Be), Festival International des Arts de la Rue de Chassepierre (Be)
With the support of: La Roseraie (Be), le Centre des Arts de la Rue d’Ath (Be), 30CC het cultuurcentrum van Leuven (Be), Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre-Danse (Be), La Maison de la Création (Be), Espace Catastrophe (Be), SACD Belgique & La Chaufferie Acte 1 (Be).