Pub Show Urbain

Lady Cocktail & Du Grenier au jardin



Duration: 60 minutes
Ground: flat and horizontal ; asphalt optimal
Minimum ground space (anchoring rectangle): 16 x 18 m
Performance area: 14 x 9 m
Installation height: 9 m
Anchoring: 4 ground anchoring points (1T)
Mounting: 3 h
Installation: 2h
Dismantling: 2h
Capacity: < 2000 (autonomous in sound)

A Satire on Advertising - Street Theater and Circus


It’s called Urban Ad Show it’s about advertising (obviously!), financing culture, the third world, Lagardère and others, fucking growth, making a success of 50 years, economic recovery in joy, cons.. cons.. sumers, and then other stuff.

But it is above all a cabaret about purchasing power with ever more glittery performances to free up available brain time: it sings, it plays, it dances, it makes circus and it twirls to finish skillfully in the wall!


Sharing the same cobblestones of Sarreguemines (Fr) in 2014 for the representation of our respective shows “Les Histoires comme ça” (Du Grenier au jardin) and “Les Filles du 2ème” (Lady Cocktail), our two companies embark on a first common adventure: the re-staging of “Les Filles du 2ème” by Fabrice Richert, author and director of the company Du Grenier au jardin. We then very quickly evoke the desire for a new creation, in co-realization. Initially: to concretize the Circus, choreographic and musical act in the street without removing its performative dimension, while putting the spectacular fever of the Circus at the service of a dramaturgy for the public space. Adepts of the joyful provocation of the street, convinced of the necessity of re-appropriating the public space, we have created this Pub Show Urbain; together, standing on the asphalt, hanging on a trapeze.


Writing, direction and staging: Fabrice Richert
With: Violaine Bishop, Anna Blin, Nadine Béchade, Gilles Favreau, Thomas Dardenne
Musical arrangement and vocal coaching : Gilles Favreau
Structure design and construction: Cyril Behar
Production: Asbl Tant qu’a swing ! (Be) and Association Du Grenier au Jardin (Fr).
Co production: CNAREP Sur le Pont (Fr), OARA (Fr), Graines de Rue (Fre), Le Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon CCBW (Be).
With the help of: La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Administration générale de la Culture, Service général de la Création Artistique, Service du Cirque, des Arts forains et des Arts de la Rue.
With the support of: La Cascade, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque (Fr), Mairie d’Evron (Fr), Le Centre culturel Wolubilis (Be), 30 CC het cultuurcentrum van Leuven (Be), La Roseraie (Be), L’Espace Catastrophe (Be), Wallonie-Bruxelles-International (Be) Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre Danse (Be).