Soif Totale
SOIF TOTALE - Prologue



Cirque de rue
Durée: 30min
Artistes sur scène : 12

CREATION 2023 - Spectacle pluridisciplinaire de Cirque en rue

Prologue allows us to share with you our way of working on a daily basis. A perspective of lightness and spontaneity yet well calculated that will make you thirsty! Thirsty to understand our world, thirsty to see why it takes 12 circus artists to plug in a microphone, thirsty for our incredible universe which is ultimately only our way of working in a group. But above all thirst to see us approach life from another angle allowing us, while obtaining the same result, to have fun and enjoy. A troupe in preparation, with a thousand emotions in the body, about to perform a show ; looking to free itself from all codes and to offer a modern way to stage.


The circus company Soif Totale was born from a thirst to create, to perform, to share our passion with the world. This project is the product of three years at École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque, the place which brought us together across three continents, five languages and twelve different countries. Inside the four walls of ESAC we poured our hearts and souls into circus, the art form that we all love. Together we have laughed, cried, danced, talked, sweated, grown, created and a million other things. And in doing so, we have formed not only a company, but a family, that of Soif Totale! A collective unique in Belgium, here to set the tone for contemporary circus of the future.

The creation of our first show, DIVE IN, marks the beginning of our artistic journey. PROLOGUE is the second project of the company.


Performed by Nacho Aparicio, Carlos Barquero, Julian Blum, Sofía Enriquez Martinez, Andrea Gonzalez, Elise Martin, Mia Mattenklott, Ana Julia Moro, Ruben Olave, Hugo Pernel, Alix Schils, Laila Umeko

Production Soif Totale | Original music and sound technique Nacho Aparicio | Costumes Laila Umeko, Sofía Enriquez Martinez, Mia Mattenklott, Beatriz Duarte | Administration and production Zoé Gravez, Beatriz Duarte | With the support of UP – Circus & Performing Arts