Soif Totale



For all audiences and ages
Duration: 45 min
Minimum stage dimensions: 10m x 8m, 6m (height)
Ground: flat, level, clean and smooth
Ground resistance: 530 daN (kg)
Anchoring points: each with a resistance of 400 kg CMU
Sound equipment: conventional sound system & 220 V socket nearby
< 500

Pluridisciplinary circus street performance : Acrobatics, Chinese Pole, Junggling, Danse, Live Music.

Prologue is an ode to shows that never begin

How to fail the best performance in the world? Soif Totale gives you the recipe: eleven circus performers dissipated, shooting stars on a Chinese pole, a lost yellow sweater, Brazilian funk, back flips just for fun, an epic catwalk and love, above all, love.

For this show in preparation, punctuality is your worst enemy, set your time zones on those of Soif Totale. Add to that a folklore with multiple personalities … division exists but unity wins! We can assure you, you will be thirsty for more !


A collective unique in Belgium, the circus company Soif Totale was born from a thirst to create, to perform, to share our passion with the world. This project is the product of three years at École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque, the place which brought us together across three continents, five languages and twelve different countries. Inside the four walls of ESAC we poured our hearts and souls into circus, the art form that we all love. Together we have laughed, cried, danced, talked, sweated, grown, created and a million other things. And in doing so, we have formed not only a company, but a family, that of Soif Totale!

The creation of our first show, DIVE IN, marks the beginning of our artistic journey. PROLOGUE is the second project of the company.


Creation by Soif Totale – Performed by Alix Schils, Ana Julia Moro, Carlos Barquero, Elise Martin, Hugo Pernel, Julian Blum, Laila Umeko, Mia Mattenklott, Nacho Aparicio, Ruben Olave, Sofia Enriquez, Andrea González (en alternance) – Original Music Nacho Aparicio – Production Soif Totale – Beatriz Duarte, Zoé Gravez

With the support of La Roseraie, UP – Circus & Performing Arts, École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) – With the help of Wallonie-Bruxelles International & Aires Libres – Outside View Aurélia Brailowsky, Gonzalo Alarcón, Diego Ramos