Les Lulus




Circus street performance - Acrobatics, Participatory, Caring, Fun


The magic of listening to each other, of looking at each other, the magic of rediscovering each other in the exchange, the magic of being able to acknowledge fears and explore desires, of creating a zone of comfort and security for all three of us– That‘s the magic we want in our creation!

A creation filled with acrobatics, confidence, curiosity and spontaneity. One which provides a space for change, learning and new experiences. The basis of all our relationships is the human component : Our emotions and wellbeing come before the professional results. Our desire to share this sensitivity with you is a commitment between us, a promise to create a unique moment together.

We, The Lulus, are here for you. With our desires and acrobatics, we hope to be able to dream together.


Les Lulus, it’s three friends who meet without wanting to in 2018 at the École Supérieur des Arts du Cirque in Brussels. Co-founders of the company Soif Totale with its two shows, this is our 3rd creation together, but this time as a team of three.

Because the Lulus is our artistic identity, the platform of our desires, our dreams and our visions of the stage. What’s sure ? Our long friendship and goodwill between us is reflected in our work.

Julian comes from Germany, Sofia from Argentina and Ruben from Chile. And you ? No matter where we come from and where you come from, we Lulus are here for you.