Modo Grosso / Alexis Rouvre and Déborah Colucci



All spaces indoors & outdoors
All publics and ages

Duration: 25 minutes
Performance area: 8 x 8 m (circular space)
Ground: flat, level and smooth (tarmac, pavement, floor or short grass ; no gravel)
Minimum height: 3,5 m
Set up: 15 minutes
Take down: 10 minutes
Capacity: < 350 (autonomous in sound)

Piece for harp, ball juggling & rope manipulation

Déborah Colucci composes for the harp a modern and skillful repertoire. She improvises and explores with her instrument producing rich and varied sounds. Alexis Rouvre is a physical artist, juggler of balls and especially manipulator of ropes. He develops a juggling through movement, creating instinctive and elegant gestures.

These two string players create a show with unusual disciplines. They want to achieve the balance, simplicity and generosity of a duet concert. If he was another musician, Alexis would play with space, body and objects. Déborah caresses or attacks the strings of her harp to accompany but also manipulate, in her own way, the juggler who gets tangled in his strings, knots them in a simple wave or dances with multiple balls.

They make resonate through sound and visual effects a space in which they play harmonies and dissonances that are created in the moment. Between the rigor of writing and the freedom of improvisation they share their poetic flight ; surprising and without artifice.


Alexis Rouvre
After being trained in juggling and acrobatics at ESAC, Alexis Rouvre began a research work on manipulation of ropes.
He created, after several short acts performed all over Europe, the indoor performance “Ropes”, with the precious help of Paola Rizza and Nicanor de Elia.
Learning contemporary dance through various courses and workshops, he has also worked for jugglers such as Jerome Thomas, Martin Palisse or Stefan Sing. These collaborations have allowed him to refine a juggling combined with movement that is rigorous, organic and instinctive.
In 2016, with Tiziano Lavoratornovi, he created a first dance performance for the street, “Laisse!”.
This is the birth of the company Modo Grosso.

Déborah Colucci
Trained at the National Conservatory of Strasbourg, Déborah Colucci explores classical repertoires with Marie-Madeleine Sigward.
A meeting with the director Anne Torrès gives her a glimpse of the possible harp-stage alchemy.
With Elisa Velia, she rediscovers the richness of the Celtic universe. From these exhilarating reunions is born a duet with Antoine Koëhl, “Dvoïka”, which revisits the traditional repertoire of the Balkans and the Mediterranean basin. Meeting an astonished audience, she imagines itinerant workshops around an instrument as classical as it is poetic.
Playing and composing become inseparable. In 2018, she opened Julien Doré’s concert in Strasbourg and released “Micha”, an album for mischievous harp in April 2019.


By and With: Déborah Colucci et Alexis Rouvre
With the help of: Espace Catastrophe – Centre International des Arts du Cirque (Be), La Roseraie (Be), Centre Culturel Wolubilis (Be)