Chapiteau Magique & La Leyenda de Kulkatán

Doble Mandoble




Outdoor / Entre-sort
All publics and ages

Duration: 1–3 interventions of 60 minutes /day
Performance area: 10 x 10 m
Ground: flat, level and smooth


PREMIERS IN MAY 2022 – Cirque & Magie Nouvelle


This is the story of Professor Kap, a professor of the occult who travels with his show in search of the answer as to the origin of life, and with a chosen one who can free him and his “monster” from their bonds. Professor Kap is bound to his monster as to his own life.
Inseparable, they are forced to wander amongst the damned, doomed to seek their salvation in order to escape from hell.

Through the story of these two anti-heroes, we tell the story of touring shows from their origins to the present day, reinterpreting myth with a contemporary eye.


By and with: Miguel Córdoba & Andrea Fidelio
Doble Mandoble
Coproduction: Namur en Mai, CIRKLABO Leuven
With the support of: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Le Service des arts forains, du cirque et de la rue, Service des Arts de la Scène de la Province de Hainaut/La Fabrique de Théâtre, UP – Circus & Performing Arts, La Roseraie


Doble Mandoble is a circus company created in 2007 by Luis Javier and Miguel Angel Córdoba. Trained at the École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque ESAC in Brussels (Belgium), the twin brothers who founded the company have been among the first artists to use new magic in Belgium. Their artistic performances are a blend of circus, magic, physical theatre, object manipulation.

Doble Mandoble has received several prestigious international awards: First Prize in the ‘Macamagie’ Magic Competition in 2008 (Wavre, Belgium), First Prize in Comical Magic at the FISM World Competition in 2012 (Blackpool, United Kingdom), The Mandrake dOr in 2014 (Paris, France), First Prize in Stage Illusions at the FISM European Competition in 2021 (Manresa, Spain).

Doble Mandoble’s has a varied repertoire: street shows, stage productions, cabaret performances, as well as conferences for the general public and workshops. The company’s productions are characterised by technical mastery of different magic and acrobatic techniques, all in the service of a visual and dramatic performances noted for their humour and candour.


Concept, script and direction : Miguel Ángel Córdoba & Andrea Fidelio (Compagnie DOBLE MANDOBLE)
Performers : Miguel Ángel Córdoba, Luis Javier Córdoba & Andrea Fidelio
Design and realization of the scenography and visuals : María Solà Font
Construction of the wooden scenography : The carpenters of the Fabrique de Théâtre
Outside view : Luís Javier Córdoba
Costume designer : Doble Mandoble
Mask and makeup : Jean-Raymond Brassinne
Music : Basile Richon
Sewing of the yurt canvas : Stéphanie-Anne Diot / Entretoile & Marie Frétard / Fil’usine