C’est bien ici ?

Compagnie Wurst
Cie Wurst - C'est bien ici ?



45 Minutes / All ages and publics
8m x 8m (minimum), 10m x 10m (ideal)


Compagnie Wurst will bring its own dance floor.
Please provide a flat and stable ground: Tarred or wooden floor.

Electric Circus, Magic To Go And Slapstick On Wheels

Summer 2019, Brussels: The two managing directors of “Compagnie Wurst” discover a potentially revolutionizing object in the streets of the European metropolis: an e-scooter.

Winter 2020, Munich: The world is going to the dogs, but “Compagnie Wurst” bravely withstands the challenges of technologised everyday life.

2023: Equipped with two scooters, epic circus skills, magic coffee to go and way too much to talk about, the two are on their way. 

Destination: (insert location) Destination: (insert location) Destination: (insert location) ERROR


Compagnie Wurst was founded somewhere in between Brussels, Rotterdam and Toulouse in 2018.

Currently it consists of the two circus artists Mikail Karahan (ESAC) and Elias Oechsner (Codarts/ESACTO Lido). What they stand for: German humor, detoxic masculinity and absurd circus madness. The companys first show  “Bien Sur, Pas Sur” toured European festivals in 2019. 

Since 2020 Mikail and Elias are working on their new show “C’est Bien Ici?”. 

The premiere is scheduled for spring 2023.


By and with: Mikail Karahan, Elias Oechsner
Outside Eyes: Mickaël Le Guen, David Eisele
Scenography: Mikail Karahan, Elias Oechsner, David Eisele
Copodruction: CIRKLABO, PERPLX
With the support of: Circus Hub Munich, UP Circus and Performing Arts, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, LATITUDE 50, CIRKLABO, WOLUBILIS, ARCHIPEL 19, PERPLX, Dommelhof, Communauté de Communes du Sor et de l’Agout