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AB JOY was created with the purpose of endorsing different forms of performing arts and street performance, especially circus, theater and street arts.

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Lady Cocktail
The Queen arrives in her hive, among her bees (the public) for an emergency union meeting. The bees are on strike, they demand a fair redistribution of royal jelly for the whole beehive ... How will this Queen of questionable nobility fare face the revolt of the plebs?
Modo Grosso / Alexis Rouvre and Déborah Colucci
Déborah Colucci improvises and explores with her instrument producing rich and varied sounds. Alexis Rouvre is a physical artist, juggler of balls and especially manipulator of ropes. He develops a juggling language through movement, creating instinctive and elegant gestures.
Sitting Duck
Two barmen are preparing the festive opening of Chiringuito Paradise. Everything is ready for a successful opening ceremony... A heart-warming duo trying to save the day in an apocalyptic mix of catastrophic juggling, physical comedy and–of course–fireworks !!!
Doble Mandoble
Have you ever wondered about the surprising number of ludicrous things a human being can do with a regular stepladder? In this circus show full of humour, Doble Mandoble brings you a crazy homage to the ordinary folding ladder… La Belle Escabelle.
Doble Mandoble
Ladies and gentlemen, Come ! Come ! Come closer! Let Professor Galvani tell you the Legend of Kulkatán ... Enter the Magic Tent to discover the story of its attraction ... Perhaps you are the chosen one he is looking for?
Lady Cocktail & Du Grenier au jardin
It's called URBAN AD SHOW, it's about advertising (obviously!), funding for culture, the third world, Lagardère and others, fucking growth, succeeding in life at 50, economic recovery in joy, cons .. cons .. sumers, and then other stuff.

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